Class II Biohazard Safety Cabinet

SAFEFLOW is a Class II biohazard safety cabinet with GMP grade A laminar flow and various shielding configurations. It is designed for the manual preparation of injectable doses of nuclear medicine radiopharmaceuticals.

  • Radioprotection is ensured by high-purity lead sheets surrounding the cabinet, along with the front sliding lead glass window.
  • Overlapping lead sheets in the contact sides to ensure radioprotection continuity and prevent possible radiation leakage through the shielding structure.
  • Sterility is achieved through laminar flow over the complete working area and the optional UV antibacterial lamp.
  • High air purity level, GMP grade A, guarantees product sterility.
  • Safety is a primary consideration in the cabinet’s design, with alarms for potentially dangerous situations displayed as text messages on the LCD.
  • Ergonomics allow complete access to the working area, enabling work in a sitting position (with a stool). Easy operations for cleanliness and maintenance.

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Operator Safety

Available in different shielding configurations (from 5 to 50 mm Pb).
Equipped with a shielded dose calibrator and waste compartments.
Optional dispenser Mod.uDDS-A can be installed.



Available in two Safeflow dimensions: standard and large.
Generator compartment with extractable automatic lift for two independent 99mTc generators.