Gallia 50

Hot Cell for 68-Gallium

Designed to meet GMP guidelines for 68Ga preparation, including elution, synthesis, dispensing, and waste management.

  • Generator Area: Space for up to 3 68Ga generators (2 with optional Waste Chamber).
  • HMI: Operator interface for system control and data display.
  • Laminar Airflow: Controlled airflow with temperature check sensor.
  • Dose Calibrator Shielded Area: Dedicated zone for dose calibration.
  • Main Double Door: Shielded and airtight doors open independently.
  • Multi-Diameter Sealed Pass-Through System: Roxtec cable sealing.
  • GMP Class B Pre-Chamber: For cold kit, cassette, and syringe handling.
  • Arm Tray: Supports laptop, control unit, and printer.

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