RAD-INJECT is a cutting-edge automated injector designed to address operator needs for enhanced radioprotection during the radiopharmaceutical injection phase.

Offering a range of features and benefits, RAD-INJECT stands out as the smallest fully automated injector for both Gamma and Beta radiopharmaceuticals available in the market.

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Automated Operation

RAD-INJECT ensures a completely automated injection process, significantly minimizing operator exposure to radiation. This feature eliminates the need for the operator’s presence during the injection, enhancing safety protocols.


Compact Design

With its small and compact geometry, RAD-INJECT boasts the title of the most compact automated injector for Gamma and Beta radiopharmaceuticals. This design not only saves space but also contributes to the device’s portability.


User-Friendly Interface

The device is designed with a focus on user-friendliness, featuring a lightweight and ergonomic shape. This ensures ease of use for operators, enhancing overall usability and efficiency.


Multitracer Compatibility

RAD-INJECT is available in versions suitable for both gamma and beta emitters, providing versatility and adaptability to various radiopharmaceuticals.


Programmable Settings

Operators have the flexibility to set the injector speed and rinsing steps according to specific requirements. This programmability allows for the customization of the injection process, minimizing residual activity in the infusion line.


Operator Safety

The device prioritizes operator safety with a manual backup feature that prevents any waste of activities, even in emergency cases. Additionally, RAD-INJECT is equipped with a movable stand featuring additional shielding, enhancing safety measures.


Air Bubble Removal

To ensure the purity of the injected radiopharmaceutical, RAD-INJECT comes with a safety filter designed to effectively remove air bubbles from the infusion line, contributing to the overall precision of the injection process.

In summary, RAD-INJECT is a state-of-the-art automated injector that not only prioritizes operator safety but also offers unmatched compactness, user-friendliness, and programmability for a wide range of radiopharmaceuticals. Its innovative features make it a valuable asset in the field of nuclear medicine.