The FLEXA-FLEXALL Hot Cell stands as an all-in-one solution, integrating a GMP grade B shielded isolator for synthesis and a GMP grade A shielded isolator for dispensing within a single turnkey system.

Tailored for the automatic and manual preparation of injectable doses of PET and Nuclear Medicine radiopharmaceuticals, the FLEXA-FLEXALL Hot Cell boasts the following key features:

  • One total laminar airflow area in the upper part.
  • One synthesis module area in the lower part.
  • One air-tight and vented pre-chamber (double door drawer).
  • Vial extraction system (double door tunnel).
  • Telepliers for enhanced handling.
  • Integrated dose calibrator area.
  • Optional vial crimping station (Mod. CRP).

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Dispensing Options

Manual dispensing is achievable with the FLEXA-FLEXALL standard configuration. For automated dispensing, the CRP automatic dispenser for vials comes into play, ensuring precision and efficiency.


Air Tightness

Equipped with inflatable seals, the Flexa-Flexall hot cells adhere to air tightness Class II standards (ISO 10648:2), contributing to a controlled and sterile working environment.

The FLEXA-FLEXALL Hot Cell redefines the landscape of automatic synthesis and dispensing, offering compact dimensions, operational flexibility, and a range of features for efficient radiopharmaceutical preparation.