Dispensing Hot cell

The DHC is a GMP grade A shielded isolator featuring vertical laminar flow across the entire working area. It is specifically designed for dispensing processes of radiopharmaceuticals, providing a controlled and safe environment.

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Equipped with a vial and/or syringes extraction system featuring automatic shielded container retrieval from the front, back, or sides, the DHC provides a large working area. Dispensing processes can be carried out using telemanipulators and/or automatic dispensers.


Operator Safety

Prioritizing operator safety, the operational panel’s touch screen PC can be remotely connected, enabling aftersales teleassistance for efficient support.

Initially conceptualized to meet the needs of leading radiopharmaceutical companies, the DHC offers a shielded isolator with total laminar flow, ensuring compliance with the latest GMP, USP, and FDA regulations.