Nuclear Medicine Hot Cell – The Road to Excellence

NMC PRI is a GMP total area vertical laminar flow, Grade A shielded isolator designed for the manual preparation of SPECT, PET, and Nuclear Medicine radiopharmaceutical injectable doses.

  • Pre-chamber: One air-tight, shielded, and vented pre-chamber for TC99 generator housing.
  • Generator Carousel: Extractable carousel for up to four TC99 generators, with a lifting system for the chosen generator.
  • Frontal Pre-chamber: One air-tight, shielded, and vented frontal pre-chamber (double doordrawer).
  • Shielded Door: Front shielded door with a lead glass window.
  • Waste Bins: Shielded housing for two waste bins.
  • Inner Door: Air-tight polycarbonate inner door with gloves for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Dose Calibrator Area: In-house dose calibrator shielded area.

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Its large inner dimensions make the NMC PRI perfectly suitable for:

μDDS-A automatic dispenser for PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals.
Synthesis modules housing.