res 1

Research Hot Cell

RES 1 is a GMP grade B isolator designed for radiopharmaceutical research, featuring turbulent flow throughout the entire working area. The controlled and safe environment of RES 1 is specifically crafted to comply with the latest GMP guidelines. Its inflatable seals ensure ISO 10648:2 airtightness.

  • Main shielded front door with 2 shielded hatches (glove ports) + polycarbonate front door with gloves
    Extractable tray and removable support shelf for ancillary equipment storage
  • 1 air-tight, shielded, and vented pre-chamber + 1 teletong
  • Vial extraction system (double door tunnel) + drawer for lead pot retrieval with automatic lid positioning
  • Integrated shielded area for dose calibrator
  • Protective coating against corrosive agents in the internal area (optional)
  • Suspended sliding lead glass window in the main working area (optional)

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An intelligent ventilation system maintains constant pressure inside the hot cell and ensures air exchange independently from building HVAC and filter clogging.

This holds true even in scenarios of:

Inefficient internal leak tightness
Breakage of the gloves
Breakage of the teletong booting