GMP Flexible Vials and Syringe Dispensing System

FLEX represents a versatile GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) grade A shielded isolator, boasting vertical laminar flow throughout its working area. This cell is equipped with 75 mm of lead shielding on all sides, ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance.

The spacious interior and specialized equipment make FLEX a versatile tool for various applications. Manual dispensing is achievable through FLEX’s standard configuration. For automatic dispensing, FLEX supports:

  • μ DDS-A Automatic Dose Drawing System: Ideal for dispensing closed vials (septum piercing), open vials (closed through a crimping station), and shielded syringes simultaneously.
  • CRP Vial Dispenser: Providing an additional option for dispensing vials.

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Designed for multiple applications, FLEX is equipped with a vial extraction system featuring automatic shielded container retrieval from the front, back, or sides, providing unmatched flexibility in usage.


Operator Safety

Ensuring operator safety, the operational panel features a touch screen PC that can be remotely connected for post-sales teleassistance, facilitating efficient support and troubleshooting.


Small Dimensions

FLEX stands out as the market’s smallest GMP-compliant shielded dispenser isolator, offering space efficiency without compromising on safety and functionality.

The cell can also be equipped with an autoclave (mod. AUT 1500) for the final sterilization of processed vials, enhancing the overall sterility of the dispensing process.
In summary, FLEX emerges as a compact, adaptable, and safety-focused GMP-compliant dispensing system. Its automatic and manual dispensing capabilities, along with various features, position it as an efficient solution for diverse pharmaceutical applications.