CRP Compact

The CRP (Compact Automatic Filling Unit for Open and Closed Vials) is an advanced system meticulously crafted for the precise and sterile dispensing and sealing of both open and closed vials containing radiopharmaceuticals. With a focus on safety, speed, and operator convenience, CRP streamlines the radiopharmaceutical dispensing process.

Automated Functions: The CRP system automates crucial functions, enhancing efficiency and minimizing operator involvement:

  • Accurate measurement of both total and specific activity delivered by the synthesis module.
  • Dilution of the main vial to achieve the required specific activity.
  • Controlled filling of open or closed vials, utilizing a high-precision electronic scale for volume regulation.
  • Seamless plugging and crimping of the filled vial, particularly applicable when using open vials.

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User-Friendly Interface

Ease of use is a hallmark of the CRP system. Its automatic functionality is complemented by an intuitive interface, ensuring operators can navigate the system with confidence. For enhanced convenience, an optional additional balance is available for swift calculations of activity concentration in the mother vial.

In summary, CRP stands as a beacon of innovation in radiopharmaceutical handling, offering precision, flexibility, and user-friendly operation. This compact automatic filling unit represents a significant advancement in streamlining processes within the field, ultimately contributing to the efficiency and safety of radiopharmaceutical applications.


Multitracer Compatibility

Aligned with current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, CRP can efficiently dispense a broad spectrum of radiopharmaceuticals in vials. Its multitracer compatibility underscores its adaptability to the evolving landscape of radiopharmaceutical


Flexibility in Operation

CRP adapts effortlessly to diverse settings, making it suitable for any laminar flow hot cell equipped with a dose calibrator and tele-plier. Its versatility extends to dispensing both open and closed vials, offering a comprehensive solution for various radiopharmaceutical applications.