The Administration System for Theranostic

Introducing ASTER, a revolutionary concept in injection solutions, specifically designed for the administration of radiopharmaceuticals in radiometal therapy. ASTER stands out as the safest and simplest solution, offering automated management of radiopharmaceutical infusions from a single-use vial, thereby minimizing operator exposure and preventing contamination.

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Minimized Exposure

ASTER ensures minimal exposure by utilizing only one small hole in the Glass-Lead Pot for a single needle. This innovative approach reduces the risk associated with handling radiopharmaceuticals, prioritizing operator safety.


Operator Protection

The system eliminates the chance of needle-related accidents, providing enhanced protection for operators. With ASTER, there is no risk of accidental needle pricks during the administration process.


Sterility Assurance

ASTER guarantees sterility by ensuring that the needle never comes in direct contact with the Lead Glass Pot. This feature contributes to maintaining the integrity of the radiopharmaceutical throughout the administration process.


Contamination Prevention

The system prevents radiopharmaceutical leaks during the disassembly process from the Glass-Lead Pot, effectively avoiding any contamination risks. This is crucial for maintaining the purity and safety of the therapeutic procedure.

In summary, ASTER redefines the administration of radiopharmaceuticals in Radiometabolic Therapy by prioritizing safety, sterility, and contamination prevention. With its innovative design and automated capabilities, ASTER represents a significant advancement in the field, offering a secure and efficient solution for theranostic procedures.