GMP compliant dispensing line

The DTC-SAS is a cutting-edge GMP-compliant dispensing line designed for class C laboratories. It represents a state-of-the-art solution for the dispensing of registered radiopharmaceuticals, efficiently managing material insertion, vial extraction, and ensuring sterilization in accordance with the strictest pharmaceutical standards.

This dispensing line comprises:

  • DTC (Dispensing Cell): Configurable for open or closed vial dispensing, and it can be equipped with the automatic dispensing system (Mod. CRP).
  • SAS (Shielded or Unshielded Prechamber): Designed for materials introduction/extraction, providing an additional layer of safety.

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Tailored for open or closed vial dispensing, the DTC-SAS features a vial and/or syringes extraction system with automatic shielded container retrieval, available on the front, back, or sides. With a spacious working area, the dispensing process can be carried out using teletongs and/or automatic dispensers.


Operator Safety

Equipped with an innovative Class B+Class A prechamber, the DTC-SAS prioritizes operator safety. The operational panel’s touch screen PC can be remotely connected, facilitating aftersales teleassistance for efficient support..

The DTC-SAS dispensing line combines innovation, flexibility, and safety, making it an advanced solution for the dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals in compliance with GMP standards.