The μ DDS-A stands as an innovative automatic dose drawing system designed for the safe and swift drawing of doses for PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals. This system utilizes a shielded syringe, eliminating the need for any intervention by operators.

  • Automatic Shielded Dispensing: The μ DDS-A ensures the safe and efficient drawing of radiopharmaceutical doses with minimal operator intervention.
  • Compact Design: The system’s compact dimensions contribute to its versatility and ease of integration into various environments.
    Manual Backup: In case of any unexpected situations, the system provides an easy manual backup option to ensure continuity of operations.
  • Self-Shielding Option: For environments with lower shielding, an option with additional self-shielding is available, providing enhanced protection during radiopharmaceutical manipulation and dispensing operations.

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The μ DDS-A is adaptable to a variety of settings, making it suitable for any laminar flow hot cell equipped with a dose calibrator. Its versatility extends to dispensing both syringes and open or closed vials, providing a comprehensive solution for radiopharmaceutical applications.


Multitracer Capability

In alignment with current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, the μ DDS-A can efficiently dispense a broad spectrum of radiopharmaceuticals in either syringes or vials.


Operator Safety

This system prioritizes operator safety with its compact dimensions and the ability to dispense already-shielded syringes. It offers an easy manual backup for added security. Additionally, an option with additional self-shielding is available, particularly beneficial in poorly shielded environments.

The μ DDS-A is a stand-alone plug-and-play system that can be seamlessly installed in any adequately sized and configured cell. Its user-friendly design allows for easy integration into existing setups. In summary, the μ DDS-A represents a cutting-edge solution for automatic dose drawing, combining flexibility, operator safety, and a user-friendly design. Its adaptability to various environments and compliance with GMP standards make it a valuable asset in the field of radiopharmaceutical handling.