• Transferring daily audit trails of CM 6.8 automatically to server
  • Tracing multiple injections of same sample
  • Track changes made to sequence data
  • Searching for signature status of sequences within a time period of finishing a sequence
  • Locate all unsigned sequences
  • Check if SOR files have been saved prior to un-signing a sequence
  • Search all runs where manual baseline has been used
  • Get a list of all interrupted sequences
  • Check if sequence folders are created as per policy
  • Trace usage of restricted integration parameters and changes to detection parameters
  • Tracking changes made to Quant file
  • Can check if preventive maintenance programs have been run on a time base within a specified period
  • Instrument and column usage report
  • Trace use of multiple quant file in specified sequences
  • Detect deletion of any object like sequences, program or method files
  • Report failed logins
  • Changes made to privileges
  • Check for restricted keywords in sample name
  • Sequences with single injections
  • Comment fields in Chromeleon Audit Tool (CAT) report and provision to signoff the report

Download PDF: Chromeleon Audit Tool